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  1. Whilst it is sort of understandable that knackered, busy (or burnt out) doctors might not pick up on well-thought out frauds or might turn a blind eye to prescribing for their friends n families (although they know that they shouldn’t), the friendliness towards paedophiles of some doctors is quite mind-blowing. The subject of many of my posts, dear old Dr Dafydd Alun Jones, was facilitating the paedophile ring that operated in north Wales and Cheshire. In 1988 Dafydd’s criminal conduct was whitewashed – indeed concealed – by Professor Robert Bluglass, supposedly then the UK’s most senior forensic psychiatrist. When Dafydd got really pissed off with people and refused to have them banged up in Denbigh, he’d ensure that they found their way into Ashworth Secure Hospital (home of Ian Brady and other charmers). Four years or so after Bluglass covered up for Dafydd’s criminal conduct, the problems at Ashworth became so bad that a Public Inquiry was held. Bluglass was a member of the Inquiry team. One thing that Bluglass had to investigate was the murder of a patient. The two people whom Bluglass appointed to investigate that murder was a senior nurse from his own Unit in Birmingham, the Reaside Clinic – and a senior nurse of Dafydd’s from Clwyd. Among the many problems at Ashworth was the use of child porn. Ashworth had been formed from the merger of two other ‘hospitals’, Moss Side and Park Lane. Whilst I was in Denbigh, I made a complaint about a nurse who assaulted me. That was just one of the many aspects of my complaint that Bluglass failed to investigate. After my complaint the nurse in question was given a job at Park Lane. One of the problems at the Park Lane site at Ashworth was that of children being taken into the building to be abused by paedophiles.Within two years of Bluglass’s investigation at Ashworth the problems there had become even more serious and there was another Public Inquiry. Was that really surprising?The NHS keeps a record of investigations and inquiries. They knew damn well that Bluglass had ‘investigated’ Dafydd before they appointed him to ‘investigate’ Ashworth. But as Brown observed, Bluglass was appointed to lead many inquiries into dangerous mental health services in the 80s and 90s for a good reason…

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