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  1. Jimmy Savile came from a Roman Catholic family.He was proposed as a member of the Athenaeum Club in London by Cardinal Basil Hume. He was a personal friend of Cardinal Keith O’Brien.Grand Catholics could still pull strings around the turn of the millennium. This was partly because they went down so well in Rome. Vatican officials are “very susceptible to the idea of aristocratic English Catholics”.If you are an English gentleman, “it really does count in Rome”. Perhaps this is something to do with the authenticity of English titles, which are bestowed only by the monarch. There are no bogus or semi-bogus aristocrats.http://www.catholicherald.co.uk/issues/july-3rd-2015/have-posh-catholics-had-their-day/Papal orders of Knighthood are bestowed in the name of the Pope of the Catholic Church by his authority as head of the Holy See and sovereign of the Vatican City State.Jimmy Savile was honoured by being made a Knight Commander of the Pontifical Equestrian Order of Saint Gregory the Great. This Order is awarded for conspicuous service to the Catholic Church,Of the papal orders, the highest and most infrequently awarded is the Supreme Order of Christ; the second order is the equally rare Order of the Golden Spur; the third is the Order of Pius IX; the fourth is the Order of Saint Gregory the Great; and the fifth is the Order of Saint Sylvester Pope and Martyr.So Pope John Paul II in 1990 was a great supporter of Jimmy at number 4 in Top of the Pops.You might reasonably conclude that Jimmy Savile was a Grand Catholic, not bogus or semi-bogus on the English aristocrat front.So to recap .. The Duchess in plain sight of the Castle at Scarborough and the Papal affirmation of breeding.To be continued…

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