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  1. I have received yet another e mail from a former employee of MIND Cymru who witnessed workplace bullying and mismanagement in that organisation. They have asked me to bring readers attention to the online feedback left by former staff of MIND in response to the ‘what was working for this organisation like?’ question. My correspondent points to the numerous comments from former staff with relentlessly negative feedback, many alleging workplace bullying and being driven out of their jobs if their ‘face doesn’t fit’. One former employee alleged bullying from the Director of MIND Cymru Sarah Moseley. Sarah Moseley’s brother Simon is a clinical psychologist who works for the Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board.MIND’s former Deputy Director throughout it’s Concealing Paedophiles Years, Tessa Jowell, announced a couple of days ago that she has been ‘suddenly’ diagnosed with brain cancer. She sent out a tweet stating that her main concern now was to ensure that people with cancer received good care. This is Tony Blair’s former right hand woman who worked as a psychiatric social worker at the Maudsley, a child care officer at Lambeth and then led MIND whilst they concealed Dafydd’s abuse and facilitation of a paedophile ring. I think that cancer patients can do without Tessa’s help.I received a message asking me whether Tessa’s sudden serious illness might be related to the outing of her past activities on this blog. My first reaction was – surely even Tessa wouldn’t stage cancer? But then I remembered that Tessa suddenly divorced her husband of many years when he was prosecuted for matters involving bribery and Silvio Berlusconi. Tessa continued to appear with her husband in places where they thought that no-one would photograph them and they looked very friendly. Once her husband was off the hook Tessa and he miraculously got back together and Tessa was given time on Woman’s Hour to explain how wonderful it all was. As Private Eye joked as soon as Tessa’s husband David Mills was charged, it was all rather a case of ‘I have never met my husband’.I have no idea whether Tessa has a brain tumour or not. If she does have one, at least she will not be left to die as the spouse of someone who dared fight the paedophiles’ friends in north Wales was a few years ago. ‘Brain tumour love? Married to someone who took on the Top Doctors and Paedophiles’ Friends as did his mate? Oooh, sorry, looks like it’s inoperable…’ But then Tessa lives in London so she won’t be risking her neck with the Top Doctors of the Walton Centre anyway… It’ll probably be the Atkinson Morley for Tessa. I wouldn’t touch the bastards with a barge pole, but Tessa is of them whereas I am not…

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