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  1. I blogged about father and son Ennals a few weeks ago.Thanks for the other names and info and the link that you sent earlier. In terms of people and their organisations and activities that I haven’t blogged about yet, I note the following:Gerald Howarth – Neil Hamilton’s mate who also sued the BBC after the screening of ‘Maggie’s Militant Tendancy’ – has a reputation for being very homophobic. Does he know that Hamilton’s associate Peter Morrison was an abuser of young boys? Howarth set up a ‘prosecute Peter Hain fund’ in the era of apartheid South Africa – Hain certainly came under fire didn’t he, there was an attempt to stitch him up for robbing a bank in 1976. Howarth was also a member of the Monday Club.Geoffrey Rippon, one of Ken Clarke’s friends. Rippon was in the Monday Club – Rippon also played a role in the unlawful arrest and imprisonment of Mary Wynch (I did mention his name in my posts about Mary). Might be worth doing a bit more research on Geoffrey.Malcolm McAlpine. According to his obituary in The Times, he sat on the Board of BBC Governors when the Board was ‘dominated by Thatcher appointees’. McAlpine was on the Board when the Governors ordered the BBC management to cave in when Hamilton and Howarth sued them after the screening of ‘Maggie’s Militant Tendency’. Gerald Howarth was a co-founder of Patrick Robertson’s first PR company in 1992, along with dear old Cecil Parkinson. James Goldsmith was one of their first clients.Patrick Robertson was a staunch Thatcherite who organised the pro-Pinochet PR campaign when Pinochet was arrested in London – after taking tea witch Thatcher. Robertson co-founded Sovereign Solutions Ltd who ‘introduced’ Lord Rothschild to Kazakhstan. Robertson is CEO of World PR. He was the founder of the Bruges Group, which since 2015 has had Norman Lamont as Vice-President.Lord Harris of High Cross. As well as raising money to fund Hamilton’s legal action against the BBC, he also contributed to the fighting fund for Hamilton’s legal action against al Fayed – as did Norris McWhirter, Peter Clarke and the Earl of Portsmouth. Harris was also the Secretary and President of the Mont Pelerin Society. He was involved with the Bruges Group, the Wincott Foundation and Civitas.In terms of the intellectual backdrop to Thatcher’s ‘ideology’ – the ideology that fuelled it all as some of those in her inner circle molested children – we have the Conservative Philosophy Group founded by Roger Scruton, John Casey, Hugh Fraser and Joanthan Aitken to thank. I’m not at all convinced that Thatcher had the intellectual machinery to understand the philosophers and economists that she maintained influenced her.Regarding the paedophile ring in north Wales, the suspicious deaths of witnesses, the prosecution for ludicrous offences on the basis of Top Doctors and social workers committing perjury of folk who had dared to complain – a man called John Redwood probably has knowledge of that. He was Secretary of State for Wales between May 1993 and June 1995 when so much of that was happening, including to me. Redwood was also in office when Gordon Anglesea won a libel case after he was named as a child abuser. One of the witnesses who gave evidence against him was found dead a few weeks later. Anglesea was years later convicted of abusing children. And the only thing that anyone remembers about John Redwood is that he didn’t know the words to the Welsh National Anthem. What I remember about Redwood was him visiting a council estate in south Wales and hitting the roof because he met too many single mothers. You should have paid us all a visit in north Wales John – mental health patients were being made pregnant by Top Doctors who then forced them into having terminations that they arranged themselves, girls in children’s homes were becoming pregnant as a result of sex with the staff and were then shunted off to other regions of Wales with ‘highly disturbed’ written on their files, it was a laugh a minute. And a paedophile ring targeted the boys in care. And it was the Welsh Office that you were in charge of who employed the corrupt lawyers and Top Doctors covering it all up.

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