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  1. A member of the shithouse formerly in Bangor has now hit the big time and joined the Birmingham branch – I’m talking Professor Fiona Irvine, one time Dark Angel, then Professor of Nursing at Bangor during which time Fiona bullied and intimidated her way around the place, one postgrad student mentally disintegrating at her hands with rumours that others had run away screaming in terror but that complaints had been concealed and not investigated. (Irvine was alleged to have described one terrified research assistant as ‘like a rabbit caught in the headlights’ – so Irvine ran her over.) Irvine left Bangor for a Chair of Nursing at Glyndwr. I was aware of one person who wanted to bring a bullying case against her but was told that if they did, the University feared that Irvine would make a counter-claim and sue. Rumours abounded that Irvine and her husband Stuart – who was Professor of Chemistry at Bangor and before that a Prof at NEWI – were trying to manipulate a situation which would inflict huge damage on Bangor. Stuart then acquired a Chair at Glyndwr as well, he became the Professor of Opto-electronic Materials for Solar Energy. Not that Fiona stayed at Glyndwr long – she was soon up and off to the Chair of Nursing at Liverpool John Moores. Now she’s Chair of Nursing at the University of Birmingham! Presumably Fiona passes through so quickly as a result of everyone loathing her – she’ll exit with a glowing reference as well – the institution concerned will know that they’ll get a crippling kick in the groin if she doesn’t. Two more names have been given to me by the NHS whistleblower from Yorkshire. One is Dr Paul Twomey, Joint Medical Director, East Yorkshire and Humberside NHS, Dementia Clinical Ambassador NHS England (North). Paul was for over twenty years a GP in the shithouse that is Lincolnshire NHS. The other name is Christopher Long, Chief Exec East Yorkshire and Humber NHS. Long is also a member of the Dementia Academy. This was launched in 2012 by NHS Humberside, with their partners Hull City Council and the Alzheimers Society. We’re back onto Alan Johnson’s stomping ground again!I need to mention that as well as all the other branches of the shithouse that he has passed through, Martin Jones – Director of the Workforce at the Betsi – also passed though the shithouse that was Birmingham and Coventry NHS, where he held ‘management positions’ in the late 80s/early 90s after beginning his career at Ysbyty Gwynedd. Martin later returned to cause further havoc in north west Wales. The man who assisted Professor Robert Bluglass from Birmingham in concealing the criminal activity of the mental health services in north Wales in 1988 was a man called Colin Berry from Coventry!Another member of the shithouse who previously passed through York University was Professor Ian Russell, who managed to cause much destruction and trouble when he was a Prof at Bangor University. He’s another healthcare researcher – of course he is. Ian Russell told so many lies that I never worked out whether there was a purpose to them or whether he was just a fantasist, particularly as the lies were so easily rumbled. Such as sending out a Christmas ‘Round Robin’ ie. Yuletide boast sheet, upon which Ian cheerily explained that his RAE submission had been classed as being ‘internationally excellent’. Which must have been news to the RAE panel, because the results weren’t due to be sent out for many months. As with Fiona Irvine, a lot of people ended up supervising Russell’s PhD students after the students had finally given up all hope of getting anywhere with him.Earlier today someone suggested that I should take a look at the people involved in the trial and subsequent care of the two 10 year old boys who killed Jamie Bulger in Liverpool in Feb 1993, Robert Thompson and Jon Venables. I remember the case well – I was living in Bethesda at the time, watching the mental health services abuse people and stitch them up in Court, watching patients dying like lemmings and being told that I was ‘dangerous’ by various Top Doctors with close links to the paedophiles’ friends. I note that a number of people involved with Thompson and Venables were fully paid up members of the shithouse. Richard Henriques QC – who has featured on my blog – was the prosecuting counsel who rebutted the principal that presumes that a young child cannot be legally responsible for their actions. The boys were in fact tried in an adult Court which led to the European Court of Human Rights ruling in 1999 that they had not had a fair trial.One assessing psychiatrist was Dr Eileen Vizard, who maintained that Robert Thompson would have known the enormity of what he was doing. The other assessing psychiatrist, Home Office psych Dr Susan Bailey, maintained that Jon Venables ‘knew right from wrong’. Newspaper reports at the time described Robert Thompson as being very much the leader of the two boys and Venables as being a profoundly vulnerable child with learning disabilities, who spent most of his time crying and was so reluctant to talk when being interviewed after the killing his mum and dad had to keep reassuring him that he could answer. So how did you phrase the questions then Sue??? Susan Baile remained Venables’ psychiatrist until he was 21. When Venables was 17 and still in the secure unit – Red Bank in St Helens – it emerged that a female member of staff had sex with him. The member of staff was suspended and then left the employ of the unit. She was never identified or charged. Thompson and Venables were released in 2001 and both said to be rehabilitated. There was praise for the ‘specialists’ who had turned the two monsters of ten years old into normal happy young men. In 2010 it was revealed that Venables had been recalled to prison. Home Secretary Jack Straw did his best to keep a lid on it, but it was revealed that Venables had downloaded and shared 57 child porn images, some of the images being of young children being raped. It also emerged that Venables had revealed his true identity to a number of people (both boys were given new identities after release because of fears that they would be killed), so he had to be given yet another identity. He had also been arrested on suspicion of affray and cautioned for the possession of cocaine. Jon Venables actually spent his days drinking heavily, viewing child porn, taking drugs and playing video games. When he downloaded child porn, he had been living in Cheshire, where he had been relocated. Where a paedophile ring raged for decades. A book was written after the reality of Venables’ life was made public, ‘Jon Venables – What Went Wrong?’ Perhaps Sue Bailey can tell us! And indeed tell us exactly what was going on in the Red Bank Secure Unit when Venables was there and where the press reports of the fantastic work that had been done with him in that Unit came from.Sue should be able to tell us, because she’s quite keen on good communication. Between 2011-14 she was President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists and spent a lot of time telling everyone how the Royal College needed to publicise the brilliant work that psychiatrists do, day in day out. Sue was also involved in the Royal College’s ‘Anti-Bash’ campaign, a campaign to stop Bashing psychiatrists, after it was found that so few medical students wanted to go into psychiatry (why ever would that be). And she was delighted that so many of the Royal Colleges Presidents were now women, it showed that women were leading the way. Sue is now Dame Sue! The disaster with Jon Venables doesn’t get mentioned much these days. Best forgotten about really. After all Sue now has a Chair of Mental Health at the University of Central Lancashire and will have dinners to go to and meetings to attend. Betweeen 2005-10, Sue was Registrar of the Royal College, responsible for ‘shaping mental health policy’. Another roaring success for Sue there then.Another female President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists was yet another name given to me by the Yorkshire NHS whistleblower – Prof Wendy Burn. She led on Dementia with the Yorkshire Humber Strategic Clinical Network, 2013-16.So how has Eileen Vizard fared? There has been no catastrophe reported with Robert Thompson, but then the mainstream media haven’t reported that a blog has now named numerous people who concealed and even facilitated the Westminster Paedophile Ring, so we can’t deduce much from that. Eileen has been given a CBE! Eileen trained as a psychoanalyst as well as a psychiatrist and has worked at GOSH, Newham, the Tavistock Clinic and for Whittington Health. She is an honorary senior lecturer at the Institute of Child Health, UCL. In 1986 she established a treatment service in the East End for convicted adult sex offenders – so it’s just as well that none of those involved in the Westminster Paedophile Ring were ever prosecuted then or Eileen would have to had treated them rather than a ten year old whilst politicians like Blair, Howard and Major ranted. When Venables and Thompson were found guilty, Justice Morland told them that their conduct was ‘cunning and very wicked’. Not unlike the conduct of those to whom they were handed over to be ‘assessed’ and ‘treated’. Eileen now practices at ‘The Child and Family Practice’, a clinic in Bloomsbury St, London. Nearly all her colleagues there have trained in the shithouse, all biographies boast familiar institutions – St George’s, the Tavistock, the Maudsley, GOSH etc. Eileen ‘leads a service’ – the National Child assessment and Treatment Service – ‘hosted’ by the NSPCC in Camden Town.Now for another two minor members of the shithouse from Gwynedd:Jenny Perry, yet another ‘health researcher’ from Bangor University. Perry wasn’t too bright and wasn’t too scrupulous and her CV claimed expertise in many areas that she very obviously had no knowledge of. She was someone who found actually making it into work quite difficult and found some very interesting reasons to remain at home. One of the best was because she had to stay in to await delivery of a goat no less. I presumed that this would be a live goat, having been acquired for milking purposes. No, it was a dead goat, a free range goat from Scotland which had been shot under special conditions. It was explained to me that Jenny Perry was a Pagan who needed to dine on goat meat, but not just any old goat meat. I was then surprised to find that although Perry had great trouble coming into work for day to day reasons, she was giving conference presentations around the county in her capacity as a Pagan, conference presentations in the name of Bangor University, accompanied by her son, who was nothing to do with Bangor University. I’m not sure that the University knew about this. Perry has now metamorphosed into an expert on old age and the last that I heard was working for another member of the shithouse, Prof Bob Woods. Ooh nearly forgot – of course being a Pagan is not the reason that Jenny Perry was so hard to cope with. No, that was the malicious allegations, the poisonous e mails, the harassment of other staff etc etc…A member of the shithouse has appeared in the Daily Post online – Ken Jones, the Secretary of Ysbyty Gwynedd’s Kidney Patients Association. Ken is getting vexed at the proposed changes to vascular surgery in north Wales. These changes have been suggested after a highly critical report which found that the vascular surgeons in north Wales were constantly scrapping among themselves and were making decisions based upon their own needs, not the patients. Ken’s a useful PR spokesman for the Top Doctors, as well as for their mates in Liverpool hospitals. He had a successful kidney transplant twenty years ago in Liverpool and has been a keen fan of the Top Doctors ever since – such a keen fan that they appear in the press with him every time they want to refuse to change their working practices and Ken talks about how brilliant they are. I can understand that Ken is grateful for his transplant but look what’s happened to a few other people Ken… I note that Ken describes himself as a ‘retired civil servant’. Ken lives in Llanberis and has been around for years, at least since the mid-70s. His adult children all have Welsh names as well, so I don’t think that Ken is a Whitehall mandarin who fancied a change and moved to Snowdonia. I rather suspect that Ken is a retired manager/administrator for Gwynedd County Council or Gwynedd Health Board…

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